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My half of a trade with the wonderful PrincePrance!

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A Happy, Busy Weekend 🍷🌸

I got a TON done this weekend. Art wise, household wise, friend-time wise, I even got a bit of exercise in by riding my scooter. πŸ›΄πŸŒˆβœ¨

I finally went to check out the Hobby Lobby that opened near us (rode the kick scooter there.) I feel so conflicted about that store. 🀨 I think the company itself is garbage, and especially being pan, I have personal beef with them. But the stores are a dream for me, nothing quite like them –not Michael’s nor JOANN– and they employ a LOT of local people. So many that would be jobless right now are employed there, including many fellow immigrants. So there is good and bad. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Anyway the store was freaking AMAZING. 🀩 I spent less than $35 and got a bunch of snail things, a bunch of squirrel things (what are the odds!) a GIANT wind spinner made of brightly colored metal, some accessories for my bears, and a rainbow dinosaur umbrella!! I was losing my πŸ’©. Haha!

Also got to go to Home Depot for a few little bins to organize my hug’s smaller accesories.

Later, I got some writing done, in company of Vanilla Bean and with a nice snack:

It was really nice to see our friends (on different days.) Even though right now we don’t see them as often, they mean the world to me. They are my family.

I am also quite excited because, due to some waits, I now have two wonderful bears I am expecting: Roulade, a mouse whom I’ll be naming Chizito (after an Argentinean snack similar to Cheetos) and Clinton, a wonderful bear whom I will be calling Mud Pie. I’ve already made necklaces for both of them!

I’m hoping for another productive week. Really happy because Christopher won’t be home late this week!

Hope it’s a wonderful one for you guys too! πŸŒˆβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’–

My Best Girl πŸ’•

I love my Rosemary so deeply, so utterly and completely. She is the best cat I have ever had. She’s been sleeping with me lately, something that used to not be allowed, because she would wake us up by playing with the doors. Well, I immobilized the doors by using no less than FOUR doorstops on each. Happy us, happy Rosie. She cuddles with me all night.

I captured this photo of her today, when I found her for the first time in the little hidey-hole of the cat tree I got for the porch. Made me smile a whole lot!

Warning: Many Old Posts Incoming!

I just wanted to give a heads-up! I’m going to be slowly moving my Instagram posts over to here (one post per Instagram day in most cases, so, I’m consolidating them significantly.) This is going to take me a few weeks and will result in many old posts being posted here every day, with accurate dates and times.

Doing this is really important to me, as it will allow me to finally delete Instagram. However, if you’re subscribed via email to the default setting, it will mean you could easily get 20 emails in a single day! To prevent this, please go to “Manage Subscriptions” at the bottom of your email, and select “Daily” so you’ll only be notified once per day.

A Nice Friday Evening 😊

Today, with all my chores done, I had plans to sit with my husband watching TV, drinking coffee and working in my iPad. Maybe play a game together before bed. I even brought Fish β€˜N Chips down with me:

But no sooner had I opened my coffee than our good friend Kris called us to invite us out to dinner! We went to Shooters, a lovely seafood place I’d never been to before. Actually one of my favorite outings in many months. Kris even offered to get me a drink, so I got a nice photo of Ramen Noodle with a mojito:

It was a really wonderful ending to my day, and I’m hoping for a really good day tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

This Week’s Little Finds 🐣 🍭

I went grocery shopping today. Kimchi Mart and Publix. I found some really cute Little snacks at Kimchi Mart as usual. At Publix, I scored a lovely Little plate that looks just like a board game! The Sesame Street bibs are for my bears.

Here’s a close-up of the plate. It’s really cute:

In sadder news… yet another snail died. I have two snails of my original group left, plus the three milk snails (this is referring to the mite-affected snails; I have plenty of healthy snails in other containers.)

The milk snails have been mating. Even if they too pass away, if only I could get eggs from them, it would ease the pain of losing so many.

Still β€”overall it has not been a bad day. I’m hoping for a productive weekend. Goodnight, everyone.

A Whole Bunch β€˜O Nothin’ πŸ₯±

I got a cute breakfast photo this morning. My bit of dry cereal looked like ice cream with the Pocky sticks and the little waffle dish.

Life feels pretty dumb lately. All days blur into each other. I want to look forward to holidays, especially Halloween and fall days, but when nothing changes, even that seems pointless.

We got a new Roomba clone, a thing called RoboRock. We’ve been way too excited about it, which is probably a testament to how dull life has become.

I ordered Anniversary Dreamer a few days ago, but I just realized that some bears from the 2nd quarter haven’t made it to the USA (due to COVID) so maybe I’ll cancel him and get Roulade… I don’t know… anyway at least I’m looking forward to a bear.

I’ll be making a snail update sometime soon. So far five snails have died. Rest In Peace little guys, I really tried. But I haven’t given up. And I have many healthy snails. I’ll go into more detail in another post.

Hope you all enjoy your almost-weekend!

✨🌈 Blogroll Link Exchange! 🌈✨

Hi all! I’ve put a tremendous amount of work on my blog over the last month. It’s become really, really important to me. I’m looking for more blogs to follow, ideally WordPress hosted, as this way I can get notified on new posts, but any platforms that don’t require signs-in are fine. Specifically, I’m looking for link exchanges! I link to you, you link to me. Happy to use banners too, just like the good old days.

I’m interested in fellow Little-adjacent blogs, furry blogs, animal blogs, art blogs… It’s ok if your blog is 18+ (mine is too) but by this I do not mean NSFW or fetish-heavy. My family looks at my blog. I’m not going to link to heavily kinky or NSFW sites. So basically if you post the occasional paci photo on your blog I’m ok linking to you, but if it has photos of you in just your diapers, then I probably won’t be comfortable.

Looking for actual blogs… not just FA journals or Twitter/IG accounts. Tumblr is fine. Just comment below and let me know you’d like to exchange links!

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