✨🌈 Monthly Giveaway On My Discord! 🌈✨

Hey guys! I just realized I didn’t talk about this here.

So you’ve all seen me go “DISCORD SERVER DISCORD SERVER JOIN IT PLEASE /GROSS SOBBING” all over the place. And yes. Please join my Discord server because I do NOT have an Instagram or Twitter or deviantART or Patreon anymore: https://discord.gg/xtaYuVH

Why would you want to join? Well, it’s chill, it’s fun and not spammy, you can talk with a wide variety of people, including other furries and Littles, but the server isn’t an ageplay-focused server so you won’t have all that, “You’re a baby; no, YOU’RE a baby, UwU I’m wet oops, let’s fight over who smells worse, *boop sticker* *hug sticker* *uppies sticker* to no end. Not to rag on that (ok, ok yes I am) but, it does create an atmosphere where you can actually *talk* to fellow Little and furry friends and basically anyone who has an interest in my art, including people who aren’t furries or Littles.

(In my defense I have yet to come across a Littlespace chat room that doesn’t ultimately devolve into that β€”if you enjoy that, more power to you! I just really want a place where I don’t have to see just that and nothing else. And every time I’ve seen it be allowed, anyone who doesn’t want to see that, well… leaves). 😞 And nothing else remains as much topic of conversation.

ANYWAY… my server is also THE primary place to find out about commission openings, THE first place I share my art to, and THE place where I’ll first share the nonsense that used to go on my Instagram. Streams will be announced there as well.

If the above makes zero difference to you, you should also join! Why? How about a ✨✨✨Monthly Giveaway✨✨✨?


🌈 Here’s how it works! At the start of the EVERY month, the participating member with the most stickers (you can check this by typing !rank in any chat that allows participation) will get a FANTASTIC UNBELIEVABLY PRIZE OF…….


One line art! Character of your choice (but no mainstream copyrighted characters) and pose up to me. You can color this line art if you wish. All of my usual Terms of Sale apply to giveaways: https://www.marinaneira.com/commissionterms

🌈 How to earn stickers you might ask? By participating in the chats! The more you participate the more stickers you’ll earn. When you earn a new sticker, you’ll get a message from the sticker bot within the current chat, telling everyone how many stickers you’ve earned so far! However, being purposely spammy for the purpose of earning stickers will not be tolerated! 😀

🌈 What is spammy? Lots of sticker spam nonstop where the point isn’t really to express yourself. Don’t send more than 2-3 stickers or memes/gifs in a row. Photos that add to the conversation don’t break this rule. Try to add to the conversations in a meaningful way.

🌈 You CAN win multiple times! But you can’t win twice in a row. If you win twice in a row the prize goes to the next person with the most stickers that month.

🌈 The number of stickers resets on the 1st of every month.

🌈 There are members in our group who may not be interested in such a prize. In this case you are welcome to allow the next person with the most stickers to be picked.

🌈 Questions? Ask me here, or @/MarinaNeira#1431 on Discord!


πŸ”ž NOTE: You MUST be over 18 years old to join my server!


A New Friend! 🧸

A package from The Toy Shoppe came yesterday with a lovely new member for my hug! He was an early birthday gift from my friend Nero. Hardy, a new friend, also very kindly helped me to get him. His Charlie Bear name is Waffle, I always rename my bears though, and I don’t have a name for him just yet. But he IS lovely! And has a hint of an adorable smile, along with a very unique fur pattern.

What he reminds me most of is banana nut bread, which I suppose is not the strangest name when I have a Charlie Bear cat named Fish β€˜n Chips, but somehow it’s not convincing me.

I have him wearing this as a temporary outfit:

He can wear Build-a-Bear tops quite well, but he’s kinda bulky bottom-wise so he’s wearing newborn size shorts. I did get him a pair of overalls with a rewards card I had for BAB, because nothing looks as good on bears as overalls/dungarees. And I got him a little hat and bandana on AliExpress, as well as a pacifier I’ll customize with a brooch pin so he can wear it. Once I decide on a name I’ll decorate the pacifier to match. Can’t resist teddies with pacis.

He got to sleep with me last night, which I NEVER do for these expensive bears, but I needed the comfort.

So anyway the last few days have been work work work, nonstop, so I’m busy and tired and my arm/wrist are killing me. So I’ll end this post here. I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Oh and please guys. Even if the economy is reopening please keep in mind COVID-19 CASES ARE UP. THEY ARE WORSE NOW THAN BEFORE. You are in danger still, don’t go out unnecessarily, wear your masks, if you must go out for work or whatever protect yourselves, even if people laugh at you, please remember it’s actually worse now. I don’t want you all to get sick or die or sicken family members and feel that guilt. Please, be careful.