Package From LilComforts is here!! πŸ¦’

Ok ok… I think with this I’m caught up on posting. (Also a heads-up, LilComforts is a site which does not sell to minors. Do NOT visit their site if you are under 18! It is not the place for you.)

Anyway! Casper was so kind holding my items a couple of weeks until I got paid. Today they arrived! I’ve eagerly awaited the release of this Baby Finn onesie for MONTHS. Just look how cute!! 😭

Additionally, I’ve also received two super soft bandanas. I can’t wear to wear these around my neck when the weather is a little cooler!

If you are interested in these sorts of products, their website is Bear in mind: this is an ageplay store, if you don’t know what that is, or aren’t comfortable with kink content… maybe give that a pass. Lol.

If however this is up your alley, I can tell you the product is of amazing quality. I can’t wait to put together an outfit with this stuff!

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