This Week’s Little Finds 🐣 🍭

I went grocery shopping today. Kimchi Mart and Publix. I found some really cute Little snacks at Kimchi Mart as usual. At Publix, I scored a lovely Little plate that looks just like a board game! The Sesame Street bibs are for my bears.

Here’s a close-up of the plate. It’s really cute:

In sadder news… yet another snail died. I have two snails of my original group left, plus the three milk snails (this is referring to the mite-affected snails; I have plenty of healthy snails in other containers.)

The milk snails have been mating. Even if they too pass away, if only I could get eggs from them, it would ease the pain of losing so many.

Still β€”overall it has not been a bad day. I’m hoping for a productive weekend. Goodnight, everyone.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Little Finds 🐣 🍭”

  1. Those bibs are super cute and I love the plate. It seems like good plates are so hard to find. Will you be using it for snacks? I have a small compartment plate similar to that, but too small for actual food so we’ve been using it for snacks.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your snails, I hope that things start to get better soon for you : (

    1. All of the little spaces are super SUPER small so in truth the plate is kinda useless, but I’ll use it for small snacks like nuts and stuff. Today was a rough day for the snails. I had to do something very unpleasant this morning, but I’ll make a CW’d post later since it’s so sad I don’t wanna throw it at you in a random comment. It’s possible none of my snails with mites will pull through, sadly. This morning was the worst. But thankfully my other snails are doing really well.

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