Happy Bleppin’ September

She blep. Hashtag blessed.

Anyway it’s September. The heat is horrendous… as I write this, it’s 91° outside, but 103° accounting for the humidity. And even though inside it’s quite cool with the AC, I don’t know if somehow it gets to me anyway… a sort of… pressure from the heat… but I am so tired, I have headaches, I have so little energy to do anything (even stuff that interests me). I can barely draw or write, my chores are hard to finish. I just want to sleep until the heat lets up.

Then again, this has coincided with that minor but infuriating schedule change, which has my husband and I going to bed at 10:30pm (way too early for us) and getting up at 7:15am. Though really we don’t fall asleep until midnight or close to. But we just can’t get used to this change even though our schedule has moved only by a half hour. Something about it isn’t “right” and we are not adjusting well at all. So maybe that’s part of it.

Today I ordered some stuff for my only doll, Marzi. A little sailor dress, and tights, a ribbon, and shoes. But I remembered too late that the shoes will not fit, maybe they will but very tightly… the thing with Marzi is that she’s a Gotz Happy Kidz doll, much prettier and more articulated than an AG doll but also just about an inch taller (and her feet are a smidge bigger) so generally clothes for AG dolls would fit well but shoes can be an issue. I’ll cross my fingers.

I’m writing a story on the side that features Marzi, so I wanted her to have a look that inspired me. I’ll post photos when the items arrive.

That’s all I’ve got for you for now. I’m gonna try to take a nap as much as I hate to waste time doing so, and hope that my Advil kicks in.

Lol WOW 🗑️🔥

I had Christopher unlock my internet this morning so I could buy some stuff, and before locking it again I checked out this FLO site and the freaking dumpster fire that are the forums and Jesus… it’s like everything that is bad about Twitter multiplied to 1000% lmao.

I am thrilled to see everyone who feels more comfortable in such an atmosphere to leave FA and stay over there instead. No hate if you’re just making a side account there, but it just seems so horrible. I feel for its staff and what they are currently dealing with.

I haven’t seen anyone I care about leave FA. So that’s alright. I’m really grateful for this site and all it does, staff hiccups aside. I already added FLO to my permanently blocked sites after wasting a whole hour lol’ing at forum threads, because that’s a toxic pastime from my Twitter days so… no. 🙅‍♀️

I don’t have anything else to say really but I found the mess hilarious at the same time. I don’t know how these (mostly) younger people handle being so stressed and strung up so much of the time. It looks super exhausting to me. 🙃