Thank You ๐Ÿ’•

I have received so much support today, in replies and DMs, from people who have long known the particulars of this whole mess since it began. I’m deeply grateful for that.

Rest under the cut, in case you don’t want drama, but I had a few more words to say, and wanted to get them out. Apologies for bringing personal drama into my blog. I try not to.

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Let’s Move On To… Today’s Mail!

Weeeell! Let’s follow that up with something less dramatic and petty, yeh? Forgive me, I do have to let the petty out once in a while. All better now!

Here’s today’s mail. First, a new book, and a new phone case! The phone case is from AliExpress. I’m so glad to finally have a snail case!

There’s one more book I am waiting for: The Alchemist’s Cat by Robin Jarvis, Book 1 of The Deptford Histories. I’m looking forward to returning to that world.

Next, the Warcraft stuff I mentioned before! Ok so the pillow is like… WAY bigger than I thought which is just amazing, because it’ll be a perfect iPad support pillow that will allow me to keep my back more straight:

And here is the mat. Oh, it is glorious.

It smells like a new car. A smell I’m not normally crazy about but I like it for some reason in this particular case.

Anyway. Pillow fluffy. Mat pretty. Sale was a good sale. Glad I held out and didn’t buy before, and now I can’t get poked by stray nails on my desk.

This Post Is About You!

I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for people who are here for me, who for whatever reason are interested in my long diatribes, who stand by me, who defend me, who judge me by my actions rather than the words of others. You make my life worthwhile. What would I be without you? I’d be much more alone, that’s for sure.

I’ve been blissfully unaware of this for all this time, but apparently, someone I once called a friend, who belongs to this community, has been saying some pretty horrendous stuff about me, indirectly and directly, privately and publicly. For my own mental health, I blocked every place this person is on, and I specifically added their pages to my block lists on the blocking software I use, including every new one. I try, really hard, to not let their words reach and hurt me. Because they really want to hurt me, and are actively trying to, as it has now become clear. Despite the falling out, I didn’t realize this was the case, until now.

Though I didn’t find out of my own accord, sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you have friends who care about you, and it’s good to be reminded that severing a toxic relationship was the right call.

Thing is, until now I just thoughtโ€ฆ we’re not a good match as friends. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. Right? Or so I thought. But, in spite of myself, I’m starting to feel differently. I hate feeling I’ve misjudged a person. Even when our once-mutual IRL friends told me otherwise multiple times, I kept thinking they were a good person. But maybe not. Maybe I see things through rose-colored glasses too much.

I feel as though I have a stalker. That’s a weird feeling to have. So, since I have not said this clearly until now (I didn’t think I had to) my message to this person is:


Get out of my spaces. My blog posts aren’t about you (EDIT: By and large. After all, I was left pretty traumatized by your effect in my life, so sometimes, very rarely, you might be mentioned indirectly. But you shouldn’t be reading this anyway? Lol.) This one post though, definitely, 100% is about you! Ding ding ding! ๐ŸŽ‰

Why are you reading my blog? Where do you get the time to read, in your own words, the “novels” I write about every boring little thing that happens in my life that up until very recently you were still actively trying to be a part of? You’re creeping me out. Get out of here. You are not welcome on this page. Why are you still obsessing about me? I’ve moved on. Why can’t you? There is no acceptable excuse for your behavior.

Is your life really so empty and boring that I have to be the topic of your subtweets, convos you have with mutual friends, and more? Like why, my dude? Just move on? Please? I reiterate:

PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE. Grow the F*CK up. Why are you here. Please stop stalking me. PLEASE.

This has been a public service announcement. ๐Ÿคก

Dwarven Wanderings And Other WoW Things ๐Ÿฐ

I had a subscription to WoW for a month, but as it came close to renewing I canceled it again. I want to keep playing, but since right now I’m reading Bears of The Ice and playing Code: Realize / Guardian Of Rebirth, it is better to take a break. However I am still very much in a WoW mood.

When I jumped back in last month, I got a new mount and race-changed back to a dwarf. Here are a couple of screenshots I took while playing that I found pretty or funny.

I also ordered a WoW gaming mat and pillow since they were having a pretty good sale, and I needed a new gaming mat after I switched my setup. Those should come in the mail today, but here’s stock photos in the meantime:

I’ll make another post when FedEx gets here with proper photos. ^_^

Thoughts On Remember11 (So Far) And On Disorder Diagnoses

Random screenshot is random. I just liked it and wanted something to go with this post.

I’m playing two visual novels at this time, one with Christopher and one by myself. The image above isn’t really spoilery but anything else I say after this probably will be. Also, content warning for huge ass ramble on professional diagnoses of mental illness. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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