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State of The Snells: October Edition πŸŽƒ 🐌

If I had to say one thing that makes me a bit sad about having snails is… they’ll never know how much I love them. I don’t think snails are capable of affection and the love I feel for some of them is just so deep. It’s all I could think about when taking these photos:

It’s not that I find them interesting or fascinating (at least it’s certainly not just that.) It’s love like I felt for my rats or feel for my cats. Maybe there’s a slight level of detachment due to being so aware of their fragility, as a way of protecting my heart. But I adore them. I literally love them. They can’t hear me, they can’t blink. If they feel the vibration of my voice, they tend to hide. They don’t even have a brain, at least not in the normal sense that you’d think of a brain. They are so different from me. But I love them.

I think rats and cats can understand affection. They know, on some level, that I feel love for them. At least I think they do. But even I can’t fool myself into thinking that my snails love me or even that they care for each other. They’re snails. So it does bum me out that they can never process me as a being that cares about them not even in the most basic of senses. But I guess that’s alright.

In other news, knock HARD on wood, but I haven’t seen mites in my Roman snails in some time (maybe two weeks?) and the baby milk snails are growing really well. Their parents seem to continue on the road to recovery, moving a little bit every day, and you know, not dying. So that’s promising.

In addition to this I’m carefully looking after the clutch of Roman snail eggs. I’m so excited for them to hatch.

Here is a video of one of my Roman snails being dumb the other day:

His mouth is open, if you can zoom in. A real winner of a gastropod. πŸ˜…

Last video, from a month ago. I forgot to upload it:

A Bundle Of Slime 🐌

It is with great joy and bafflement that I announce… I am a snail mother again!

To be 100% accurate, whether this is an accident or on purpose remains to be seen. If they are Cornu Aspersum, I goofed and missed a clutch. If they are Otala Lactea, I also goofed and missed a clutch but in the sense that it was a clutch I absolutely wanted to save and raise. I’ve been trying hard to breed my milkies, just one clutch, with no luck. And I guess they managed it. I’m 99% sure these are milks.

They suddenly hatched in a tank that had had no snails for like three weeks. I freaked. This tank had soil and a million tiny corners for babies to hide in. It was so hard to get as many as I could. Immediately I fed and watered them. And now I’m crossing my fingers.

If they are Cornu Aspersum then they are the last children of my very ailing last snail from my original group, who is still alive but barely. Like the two remaining milk snails, he is finally mite free, but terribly weak. I think they are most likely the children of the two milkies who had been mating right before switching tanks. I checked the soil, but still, clearly I missed them.

So it’s good news? Maybe? They managed to hatch so I’m gonna give them their best shot. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Snell Slimesletter 🐌 πŸ—žοΈ

A random happy cucumber-eating photo to precede the less-than-happy State of the Snells.

🐌 Wild Snails + Snailio Iglesias Tank 🐌

Doing well, knock on wood. Snailio Iglesias is growing.

🐌 Original Group Tank 🐌

Only one Aspersa and two Otala Lacteas left. As you might guess, one died over the weekend. The others continue to barely eat. I don’t expect them to survive. No more riccardoella is visible, but I continue to treat with hypoaspis.

🐌 Baby Aspersa Tank 🐌

Not babies anymore, and have in fact begun to mate. I hoped to have culled the ones that weren’t quite… right… for their own well-being. And some definitely aren’t, but two in particular are struggling with serious deep retraction syndrome. One seems unable to β€œright” himself within his shell, and can’t come out most of the time. He is not sick, just not β€œright”. I’m guessing poor genes. I believe he is suffering as a result and I am considering possibly euthanizing him.

🐌 Helix Pomatia Tank 🐌

After my horror of finding riccardoella there too, I began a very aggressive hypoaspis treatment. No news in that regard. I’m going to continue to treat aggressively for months going forward. I’m just sad about it.

That’s basically it, I just wanted to give an update on snells. It’s been pretty stressful, I won’t lie.

🐱 My Rosie Was Featured on The Crime Reel’s Petty Crime! 🐱

You may remember the keeper of my heart, my little Rosemary:

Well some weeks back I submitted her to my favorite YouTube crime channel, The Crime Reel, and today, she was featured! If you click below the video will start at the moment her feature begins.

If you enjoy true crime stories, I really recommend The Crime Reel. He posts interesting stories that I’ve often never heard of before, and what really sets the channel aside, is that he narrates them with so much empathy, truly humanizing the victims. I look forward to every new video.

Snails Are Stupid 🐌

Look at this utterly moronic face:

He’s such a freaking idiot. Just look at him:

What a perfect dumbass, what a lovely specimen of derpiness:

Part of the reason I continue to believe in a higher power despite renouncing all organized religion is stuff like this. I’m sure that sounds nonsensical but I don’t understand why such a hilariously dumb looking yet adorable creature would exist otherwise. Snails didn’t need to be cute. They didn’t need to be funny and charming. But there they are. I think whoever created them just had to have had a sense of humor in the process. They are so perfect.

My New Poms!! 🐌🍎

So this post has been long in my drafts. 😬 I’ve had my new poms since August 4th, and despite all the grief with my many of my Helix Aspersa dying of mites, it’s really been a whirlwind of joy with these new snails β€”the biggest snails I can legally own. They’re no GALS, but, at roughly three times the size of an average Aspersa, they are my one dream snail that I can actually own, and my pride and joy for sure.

This is when I first woke them up and put them in their temporary container:

Very quickly they unfurled and began to eat voraciously. I had to replenish the food mid afternoon because it was just… gone. They practically aspirated it.

I couldn’t take enough pictures of them, so perfect they are… just look at their pretty shells and flowy skirts…

Perfection! ⚑️🐌✨Absolute perfection! πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ There’s my finger to give you an idea of size. They are chunky boys. Err… hermaphrodites.

I have many more photos to share of them, but these are the ones taken the day they arrived and is all I’ll be sharing for now.

My Best Girl πŸ’•

I love my Rosemary so deeply, so utterly and completely. She is the best cat I have ever had. She’s been sleeping with me lately, something that used to not be allowed, because she would wake us up by playing with the doors. Well, I immobilized the doors by using no less than FOUR doorstops on each. Happy us, happy Rosie. She cuddles with me all night.

I captured this photo of her today, when I found her for the first time in the little hidey-hole of the cat tree I got for the porch. Made me smile a whole lot!