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Tank Cleaning Day 🧼

LAST snail post today –I promise! Today as I finished tank cleaning, these two ended up climbing onto my hand. They took their sweet time.

Everyone was pretty happy, having a clean home again, as well as pumpkin, kale, romaine lettuce, carrot, cauliflower and cuttlebone. ^_^

My Other Snails πŸŒπŸ’•

I haven’t posted much about my little collection of West Indian Bulimulus and Asian Tramp snails. These were all taken from the sidewalks near my home. They are everywhere β€”a real invasive species for sure! Also, the only snails I can find near my home. I have seen empty, bleached shells of Brown Cuban snails, but no live snails other than these little guys. I’m not sure yet if I will keep them or ultimately release them, as I do prefer larger snails.

Here are some photos of them in their current setup.

They’re very cute little guys, I honestly just fear losing track of them when cleaning, or not being able to keep track of their egg-laying.

I still have a few snail posts to make but I want to sort them by subject a little. That’s it for this one!

New Snail Tank Decor! 🐌🌈

This is sooo exciting!! I went to Pet Supermarket today and got a few new goodies for the tanks, on sale! The castle is the best and my favorite!

I also got two logs, a plant, a new little lagoon, a cave and a bridge. I can’t wait to set all this up!

I am also nearly done with a huge commission that I should be posting momentarily. It’s a good day so far!